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The levels of the dance camp have been defined according to the total time that each participant has been dancing, their aptitudes and their trajectory in the world of dance. Because of the ambiguity that this entails, and to help the choice of level, we have provided a brief description of each. Please read it and attempt to situate yourself at a certain level. We trust in your responsibility to make the choice, as it will be profitable for all assistants.


You know the basics of Lindy Hop, you alternate structures of 6 and 8 counts fluently and you have integrated them in your social dance naturally. If you want to consolidate the basis of the Lindy Hop, and go a step further, this is your level.


Your are attending classes and dancing regularly more than one year. You control the Swing Out, Texas Tommy, Tandem and similar steps including variations in different tempos. You feel comfortable in social dancing and you want to improve technical aspects, communication, and also learn to adapt your movements to the rhythm and music.


You almost live on the dance floor, and you perform basic and advanced steps, complemented with musicality, footwork variations, etc. You play with the rhythm, syncopation and other elements that implicates more advanced musicality, and you are able to memorize easily steps structures and choreographies.


You feel comfortable at any tempo, and you’re able to swing out and make other figures at fast tempos.

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